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When it comes to achieving weight loss transformations with the ‘general population’, the key is to KEEP IT SIMPLE and coach for compliance! Yes, the age old KISS method still applies. This industry buzzes with trends and transformations so it’s important to know which strategies to implement to get effective results.

At Clean Health, we specifically construct our program design around the individual to ensure that we are providing a solution tailored to our clients fitness level and abilities. The more advanced the client or athlete, the more advanced programming and nutritional protocols be applied. However, when working with a ‘gen pop’ client,you must coach compliance more than anything else.

Creating compliance comes down to 5 key factors:

  1. Assess on week by week basis
  2. Setting achievable nutrition plans
  3. Creating a growth mindset in your client
  4. Promoting gut friendly foods to optimise health and mental focus
  5. Then finally, results!

The Recipe for success…

When you think of changing a client’s body dramatically whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or strength improvements. Us coaches, we like to think we have the recipe to success. I like to use the analogy of learning from the world best cake chef – if he gave you a clear cut recipe to making the best cake in the world, yet you didn’t follow the recipe. Is that cake going to be the same as it would have been if you stuck to the recipe? No! Of course not. This is why WE as coaches need to ensure our clients following our “recipe” to success.

Applying the 5 factors for compliance:

  1. Assessing weekly
  • At CHFI we use body fat pinch testing fortnightly and record weight each session.
  • We also monitor & record the weight lifted in every set of every session.
  • Additionally, our trainers are constantly assessing bio feedback which include factors such as sleep, libido, mood and more.
  1. Achievable Nutrition Plans
  • Tell your clients exact amounts of food to eat and when. That’s it, this is the formula to success!
  • Giving a general pop client a program, which is carb cycling, macro counting or different on ‘training and non-training days’ just leads to confusion, lack of execution, then finally subpar results. Simplicity is everything
  • Keep them simple and celebrate the small daily wins of compliance. They should feel accomplished for every day they stick to their plan.
  1. Growth Mindset
  • “Master your mind and you can master anything”, general population transformations largely come down to psychology. Majority of clients who are overweight and seek expert trainers for help, have tried and failed before
  • At CHFI, we create a strong growth mindset that allows reassures our clients that this time is different! No more “I cant’s”, or “I won’t be able to”. Swap it for its possible and achievable if I work hard! Simple manipulation of vocabulary can dramatically change a client’s perception of what’s achievable.
  1. Gut Health
  • The biggest phenomena in health these days seems to be the microbiome. Or more so, our very little understanding of our microbiome! In the microbiome, housed in our gut, there are billions and trillions of bacteria. In fact, for every human cell in your body, there are roughly 10 single celled microbes! Scientists still know very little about the gut, but what we do know, is that gut health, or microbiome “diversity” has a direct correlation to our mood and thoughts.
  • What we put into our gut, generally will dictate how we feel mentally. For every 1 sensory nerve that is sent from the brain to the gut, there is 9 times the amount of sensory nerves running from the gut to the brain. To improve microbiome diversity (good gut bacteria) we must first improve nutrition. Vegetables, grains, fruits, foods high in micronutrient quality, have far more “good” bacteria. Whereas high processed foods and trans fats have a direct correlation with the promotion of “bad” bacteria.
  • Clean Health coaches promote balanced nutrition for a healthy gut and steady results, we do not follow an “If it fits your macros (IIFYM)” approach with general pop clients. Our aim is to  to put as much “high quality” food into our clients, then watch as their gut health and mood changes!

5. Results

  • Results are EVERYHTHING! The quicker clients see results the more compliant they will be as they gain belief in themselves, the program and you as a coach. As a result of ‘shocking’ the body and following a new program, it is likely the scales will shift first and this is also important due to the emphasis people place on their weight. As they progress as a client they will learn the importance of the other measurements however in the early days, weight loss is key for compliance as it reinforces belief!

At Clean Health, we specialise in weight loss transformations for the ‘general population’. Our programs are designed for success and tailored personally to each client individually. Our methods and expertise provide our clientele with the information, education and support needed to form healthy habits and maintain their new, healthy lifestyle.

Let us coach you so that you can experience the transformation success for yourself.

Learn more about mastering ‘gen pop’ transformations for your clients.

By Mark Carroll

About CHFI Brand Manager

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