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About The Clean Health Fitness Institute

Daine McDonald, one of the world’s renowned fitness coaches, founded the Clean Health Fitness Institute. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, coaching everyone from the average Joe all the way up to Olympic medallist athlete, he knew there was a need for a high-end result based personal training facility in his hometown of Sydney. His mentors and numerous health and fitness industry notables such as world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin inspired Daine, the goal was to create Australia’s premiere result based personal training organisation.

Several years later we are now an international brand widely regarded as Australia’s leading personal trainers, which today has two locations in Sydney’s CBD and Chatswood.

The Clean Health Fitness Institute is renowned for its commitment to excellence in training and education, employing only the best of the best in the personal training industry and where client results are the priority. Not content with commercial gym culture, where uneducated trainers can easily taint the industry, we are driven by our passion for quality and results for every client that we meet. Our performance centres have gained national and international recognition as some of the premiere result based training centres worldwide and an international educational hub for people in the fitness industry.

Our two locations contain only the finest gym equipment available worldwide, from such brands as Atlantis Strength, Eleiko, Watson Strength, Life Fitness, Techno Gym, Again Faster and more. At our gym’s you will find numerous devices at your disposal, such as chains, bands, specialist thick-grip dumbbells and barbells, medicine balls, multiple pieces of Strongman equipment, as well as indoor tracks for high intensity training.

In addition to the wide array of strength and conditioning equipment on offer, our gyms utilise the disciplines of functional medicine, exercise science and nutrition. Discover our in-house, comprehensive pharmaceutical-grade supplement store along with a pre- and post-workout shake bar for both our clients and the public alike.

Our 1500sqm Chatswood site also provides education for trainers, offering our internationally renowned performance PT and iNutrition Pro certification programs, as well as seminars and mentoring. We are committed to educating trainers beyond standard expectations and keeping them at the top of their game.

When you enter our gym’s you quickly realise they are not just any commercial gym… they are result based training facilities. When you train with us you train for results – it’s about far more than just showing up.

If you’re tired of the typical commercial gym culture or want improved results from your training, the Clean Health Fitness Institute is your sanctuary. We take pride in ensuring all of our clients achieve a positive outcome when training with us.

Feel free to contact us today to see how we can assist you in truly transforming your life.

The Clean Health Fitness Institute Team